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The three social media giants of the hour are expanding yours Promotional offers and ad opportunities increasingly on Video formats such as Instagram Reels, Facebook Stories and TikTok In-Feed Videos the end. How you can use the new in-stream advertising trend for yourself and what results This article provides you with this information.

TikTok introduces a number of new e-commerce ads

The hottest social platform is currently TikTok.

After this E-commerce on social media lockdown conditionally soared exponentially is, the fresh social media app is also launching a new range of retail-focused promotions that Integrate purchase transactions into the existing user experience.

According to a report by Business Insider TikTok is preparing to present its offer In-stream shopping tools to diversify. Brand accounts that these new Ad functions tested in advance in a beta version have reported from one Sales growth of 533%!

Of course, that's a good reason to take a closer look at these new ad formats. By and large, the new features are similar to the Chinese version of the Douyin app.

the Promotional tools allow brands in a number of different ad formats

  • their products too present
  • Users to address again
  • PhDs to highlight

The new formats are currently still in the test phase, but are expected to be rolled out in the coming months. It is therefore worthwhile to familiarize yourself with it in advance.

What types of innovative TikTok advertising are being introduced?

Both new ad formats there are four different placement options for your advertising.

Collection Ads

Collection Ads enable brands to Bringing together product catalog listings and their branded videosto guide users to their product landing pages. This allows consumers to easily find relevant products from the video clips without having to search the provider's website independently. The Collection Ads represent a similar model to the Product listings in YouTube videos represent.

Dynamic product advertisements

With Dynamic Product Ads you can automatically address them again with relevant products - based on their in-app activities as well as user behavior on the advertisers' websites and other online experiences.

Promo tiles

Promo tiles allow advertisers to add customizable sales and promotional notices to their in-feed ads. They help get your message across and yours Offer to communicate in an effective and engaging way

You can either have your own designs in the form of a 540px by 276px image upload or TikTok's preset design templates Use it to activate promotion tiles quickly and with minimal effort.

The Promo Tile links to the same destination on your app or website as your regular ad group. That means you have the same link and same tracking can use like a regular ad group.

Showcase tiles

Showcase tiles will allow brands and creators to feature products in their videos with a Link to relevant product thumbnails in the lower part of the screen to apply. With this creative format, you can tell the user present multiple products in a single ad: The showcase tiles consist of 3 different product images and are supported by a CTA button.

Choose between “Price” or “Buy” and direct the user to the relevant landing page. For best results, put the best performing products first in the showcase order. The Showcase tile is displayed a few seconds after the ad starts to attract users' attention.

TikTok is a pioneer in terms of innovative shopping experiences

Even in the recent past, TikTok has already had its feelers in the area Shoppable live streaming stretched out. This increasingly popular form of experience shopping is also just becoming extended from the competing app Instagram.

TikTok is also one Partnership with Shopfiy received, which enables online retailers to Run TikTok campaigns from the Shopify dashboard.

These are just a few of the serious steps the platform has taken into the e-commerce space. With increasing user dynamics, the interest of brands and advertisers in such implementations also increases.

And since digital commerce has accelerated over the past year due to national lockdowns, the Integration of transaction options in social platforms extremely sought after.

Instagram brings a breath of fresh air with Reels Ads

Instagram can be as good as You can now find ads everywhere in the app. Now also in the reels. After Instagram got a serious competitor in terms of video content through TikTok, the social media platform followed suit with Reels Ads. 

So far, this form of advertising has been tested in Germany, India, Brazil and Australia and will be rolled out to other countries in the coming months. The ads can - just like the organic reels - for up to 30 seconds Its vertical, full-screen format will look similar to the ads in the stories.

in the In contrast to the story ads However, users can view the ads in reels

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After Instagram already has its Shopping function integrated into the reels, the introduction of Reels Ads was no longer a big surprise. Creators and brands can tag products in their reels and also add further product information to the reel description.

For brands that have the Instagram checkout already activated, users can buy their products without leaving the Instagram app. Unfortunately, this checkout function is currently only available in the USA.

With this rollout, Instagram now has shopping available in every format of the app: the feed, stories, IGTV and live. Ecommerce is important to Instagram and Facebook in general as the platforms try to diversify their earnings.

Users are already searching on Instagram Product inspirations, So that the Option to shop directly in the app simplifies this process. The entire start screen has even been redesigned to bring shopping and reels to the fore.

The introduction of Reel Ads in German-speaking countries is all the more exciting. And in view of the new Instagram Live Shopping option, it remains to be seen until there will also be a paid ad function for Lives.

The parent company Facebook is also taking a step in this direction

Facebook's worldwide test of in-transfer videos are in-stream ads that adapted to specific video content are.

This option helps companies find the right video to promote their products and services and the resulting videos Maximize sales and engagementFirst, Facebook is planning 20 topics and 700 subtopics making it easier for brands to find the right shots.

Sticker ads for Facebook Stories

In the coming weeks the new Sticker ads for Facebook Stories tested with selected advertisers and creators.

According to Facebook, these are stickers that can be tapped to buy the product shown in the stories. Creators or the advertising influencers will receive part of the revenue generated by the brands.

With sticker ads, more “real” people could become influencers, and the Product placement could look more organic as a clear, (pre-paid) brand call.

There are several different formats for in-stream ads

You can choose from four different types of video ad formats in your Facebook Ads account. D.the auction system recognizes the best time to show your ads and guaranteed thus an optimal video experience for the user.

Pre-roll ads

Pre-roll ads are played before a video starts. They are shown to people who are actively looking for specific content.

Mid-roll ads

Mid-roll ads will play during your video. These work best within a video that has natural breakpoints. Most of the videos are still discovered in the news feed, by the way.

Post roll ads

Post-roll ads play at the end of a video. They can be displayed to viewers who have not received a pre-roll ad or image ad.

Image ads

Image ads are static image ads that appear below the content. They are mostly used in videos that are not a good option for mid-roll ads, such as comedy skits.

The minimum duration of an automatically placed video ad is 30 seconds (image display) or 45 seconds (video display). When choosing your ad placements, you can use the cue points in the videos. They indicate where the advertisements can be placed after 60 seconds.

YouTube is also jumping on the short video trend with its “shorts”

Following YouTube's announcement of the expansion of its video formats to include the TikTok-like "shorts" option, the video streaming platform has now also announced its next steps towards short-form content.

With a new "Shorts Fund", YouTube will pay out $ 100 million to top shorts creators in the US to further support and motivate their efforts.

YouTube explains: "Since shorts is a new way of watching and creating videos on YouTube, we've taken a fresh look at what it means to monetize creators for their content.

We're launching the YouTube Shorts Fund: a $ 100 million fund that will be spread over a period from 2021 to 2022. Anyone is eligible to participate in the fund by creating unique shorts that the YouTube community will love. "

That could be a big boost for short video content and at the same time an additional option to use innovative in-stream advertising.

3 reasons for using in-stream ads in your social media marketing strategy

1. Faster decision making

In-stream ads increase the speed of conversions and increase the average customer spend. The fact that the ad appears during streamed videos creates a kind of urgency in the user and encourages impulsive shopping. 

2. Lower customer acquisition costs

Increase in the number of customers at lower costs. In particular, the new advertising functions within video formats addressed new customers will. One of the reasons for this is that the social apps are addressing a new, so far under-developed market.

In contrast to the "long-established" Facebook and Instagram users, the younger audience of the TikTok video platform are also users of Instagram Reels more open to new (shopping) experiences.

3. Increasing sales

In-stream video ads on TikTok generate due to comparatively little competition with cheap traffic and reach as well as high scalability solid returns for ecommerce businesses.

CONCLUSION: In-Stream Video Ads integrate multimedia marketing in e-commerce on the most popular social media platforms

The latest e-commerce updates from the major social platforms TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook are all following a similar path and will help transform what is offered for brands.

This is probably just one of the first steps on this journey. Because the collapse of the traditional sales funnel, which was driven by global digital platforms, is increasingly merging media and sales.

After the international advertising and media group WPP and TikTok recently launched a innovative global partnership announced, the customers of the WPP agencies now benefit from unique access to the groundbreaking functionalities of the short video platform.

This allows them to take advantage of the culture-defining effect and large reach of the TikTok app and get early access to new advertising products. From our point of view, such a collaboration is worth its weight in gold!

We at R17 Ventures are also one of the few companies in Switzerland that TikTok has included in the closed beta version of its advertising manager.

We maintain close contact with TikTok and are in weekly discussions about new trends in advertising as well as new challenges on the platform or improvements in targeting. When you work with us, you benefit directly from this access.

Contact us today for a Free analysis of your social media advertising accounts and learn how you can implement in-stream ads in your marketing strategy.

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