Black Friday 2021 Marketing Tips

Black Friday 2021 is scheduled for November 26th and Cyber Monday will follow on Monday, November 29th. What began as an American shopping craze with brazen discounts on Christmas gifts - especially toys and electronics - is now an international e-commerce event. 

Read in our blog post how you can best prepare your online shop for this important day for digital trade and how you can optimally and profitably align your marketing strategy with Black Friday 2021 and Cyber Moday.

Black Friday 2021 serves as preparation for the Christmas business

With the introduction of Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday, the Black Friday sale is getting longer and leads us straight into the Christmas season. The lockdown-related boost in the online shopping trend is still unbroken. And so now is the perfect time to turn your Black Friday marketing ideas into a fully fledged strategy.

Not only has the pandemic had a huge impact on online trends and consumer preferences, it has also had an impact on your Black Friday marketing strategy this year. According to the McKinsey & Company report about Christmas shopping and consumer trends in 2021 following five trends to note:

  • Holiday deal days are becoming more and more important worldwide: the Black Friday is now the most popular sale in Germany, France and Great Britain.

  • 40 % of consumers did during the pandemic tried new brands - that means new opportunities for first-time buyers, but a harder battle for loyal customers.

  • Almost a third of customers say they own theirs Start Christmas shopping earlier than last year - so remember to develop campaigns for early shoppers

  • the Online retail sales up 93 % in 2020, e-commerce grew more than three times as fast from 2019 to 2020. And this year, online retailers have even greater growth opportunities

  • Extraordinary Omnichannel experiences are critical to success - because customers are looking for you seamless shopping experience

How to prepare for the 2021 Black Friday sale

Omnichannel commerce is a major contributor to the busiest online shopping time of the year. To stay one step ahead of the competition, you need accurate data on seasonal traffic trends and market analysis and you need to optimize all of your marketing channels accordingly:

  • Your search engine advertising (Google & Bing Ads)
  • organic search (SEO)
  • Display ads
  • social networks
  • Email Marketing
  • Referral Marketing

Put your paid advertising to the test

Black Friday 2021 and Cyber Monday will only take place on two days, but you can benefit from the effects of these sales throughout the year. Because of this, you should make your plans for that Match organic and paid searchto offer your target group the best possible omnichannel experience. 

We've put together a few tips that you can apply to your own Black Friday PPC campaign:

  • During Black Friday 2021 and Cyber Monday, the Ad bids are skyrocketing. So choose carefully the keywords that you want to use for your product and search ads.

  • Black Friday is more than just a weekend event, which means you can start running paid ads before and after the actual date Because then the competition is also lower and therefore cheaper bids are possible.

  • Try out new markets that suit your target groups. Are you already running ads LinkedIn, TikTok or Pinterest? The holidays are a good time to experiment (but don't overdo it or spend your entire advertising budget on it).

Organic traffic isn't built in a day

We all know that SEO is not a quick fix. Rather, it is about a long-term strategy. So the earlier you start planning and optimizing your Black Friday promotions, the better:

  • Research the current online shopping trends
  • Do you think ...? Find seasonal keywordsyou want to target (and focus on holiday content)
  • Create sales-oriented landing pages for Black Friday 2021 and Cyber Monday
  • They think Mobile first
  • Think about how SEO interacts with your other marketing efforts

Create landing pages for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

To rank for these seasonal keywords, you need landing pages where searchers can find your Black Friday 2021 deals. Consumers often look for Keywords such as "Sale", "Deal", "Discounts", "Specials" and "Promos" in connection with certain product or brand names. Take a closer look at Google Trends to find out which keywords are best for your industry.

Create your promotion pages in advance and temporarily redirect them so they're not visible until your sale is live. Be sure to add these new landing pages to your sitemap so that crawlers can properly index them (and repeat customers can find them).

Go live with them as soon as you're ready to start your sale, and track and tweak your progress as the holiday season approaches. The best way to plan a marketing strategy is to to think from the beginning to the end of the funnel.

Start with organic search, then use social media to find the Increase brand and product awareness. Remember to carefully measure your efforts to understand which channels work best and optimize your strategy accordingly.

With these 4 tips you will stand out from other online retailers during the Christmas season

Black Friday heralds the Christmas business. And even in August of this year, searches for “Christmas gift ideas” have already exceeded the level of 2020.

We have compiled four points here that will help maximize your success during the most important shopping season of the year.

1. Fast shipping and easy returns: highlight your processing options in Google search and shopping results

Fast shipping and easy returns are high on customer priority lists this year. 78 % the consumer state that when they shop they choose online stores that offer a free shipping to offer.

Google is even giving notice in the process new shipping and return instructions in the search and shopping results - for both free and paid offers. Online shoppers can now see when their orders will arrive. The following shipping information is available, for example:

  • Free delivery until Friday, December 24th
  • Get it by December 24th
  • Free returns within 90 days
  • Free returns until January 31st

2. Present your products in several places in Google at the same time

Hundreds of millions of people use Google every day to shop and discover products. Showcase your articles in free Google listings: If you use Shopify, WooCommerce or GoDaddy, you can now get started right from the respective platform. Sync your products seamlessly and increase their reach through smart shopping campaigns, based on machine learning.

You can also turn your YouTube videos into a virtual shop window and present your most popular items there: Connect your product feed with video advertising campaigns that draw customers to your website. In the coming weeks the option will be introduced, one Associate product feeds with discovery ads to show customers relevant products at the exact moment they search for them on Google.

3. Prepare for the onslaught with Google's automated formats and planning tools

Google is rolling out additional tools and reports to help focus on your profitability. With the Best Sellers Report get a report on that most popular brands and products in your online shop. This can help you decide which new brands and products to have in stock for the holidays.

In addition, Google is introducing a function that enables you to view your promotion deals using real-time reports in the Merchant Center. This is particularly useful if you are running promotions to reallocate your inventory - for example in preparation for the Black Friday 2021 and Cyber Monday Sale.

Tools like that Insights Page and the Performance planner They also help to identify trends and plan budgets so that you can better meet the demands of your customers. And if your company offers an app, you can use two new tools - the Deep Link Validator and the Impact Calculator - check that your customers are being directed to the right places in your app.

4. Reach more customers via Facebook, Instagram & Co.

This year, the festive season is determined by the desire of consumers to reflect timeless human needs in modern shopping experiences. You want yourself Feel connected, entertained and inspired. Knowing the way your prospects are shopping can help you meet each of those needs and create personalized shopping experiences.

The new Facebook Discovery Commerce System helps online providers to bring the interests of customers more and more to the fore:

  • Personalization based on data: By combining machine learning with data that users share, you can reach the right audiences and even discover new ones.
  • Inspire with creative content and appealing surfaces: Present your creative content in social apps and formats optimized for mobile experiences. Surprise and delight your customers where they already spend time. Namely on Facebook, Instagram & Co.
  • Make your products easier to discover and buy: With ad and conversion tools, you can offer your customers a seamless shopping experience - from discovery to purchase.
  • Learn and optimize based on measurements: Get a better view of how your marketing is affecting business results with intelligent measurement tools - so you can use your effort and your advertising budget more efficiently.

Would you like to learn more? Then please contact us for a free analysis of your advertising accounts and let us show you the potential of your online shop.

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