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Why should I choose R17?

With a track-record for success, we focus on the bottom line and the core metrics - backed by our performance-based remuneration model.

We've developed data-led frameworks across multiple industry verticals and take an fast-paced, agile approach to deliver optimal results.

Powered by a world class team of performance marketers, creative strategists, developers, and a strong support team, you know you're in the best hands with R17 Ventures as your digital performance marketing agency.

What services does R17 offer?

We are a full-service digital performance marketing agency.

Our list of services includes:

- performance marketing (paid media & PPC)
- digital creative production (graphic design, animation, shoots & user generated content) 
- email marketing (automations, campaigns etc)
- social media content creation & community management
- website, e-commerce & landing page development
- CRM implementation & integration
- SEO / search engine optimisation
- conversion rate optimisation 
- due diligence reporting for digital investors
- support staff for online businesses

Do you produce creative assets?

Yes, we do! We produce UGC, 3D, do in-house shootings and more. We work according to your CI/CD. As creatives play such an integral role to performance marketing, we constantly run tests and have a super feedback loop. We also work with model agencies & influencer agencies globally.

How are performance deals structured?

We charge a base fee that is typically 50% less than other digital agencies + performance bonus, which is based on incremental growth (if you don't see growth, this performance bonus is not payable).

Which regions do you work in?

We work across 15+ global regions. These include:

- DACH (Germany, Austria & Switzerland)
- North America (USA & Canada)
- UK (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland) & Southern Ireland
- Europe (Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria & Portugal)
- Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden & Norway)
- GCC / Middle East (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, & the United Arab Emirates)
- East Asia (China & Hong Kong)
- Sub-Saharan Africa (South Africa & Namibia)
- Australia & New Zealand

How are performance deals structured?

We offer 3 types of payment models.

1. Managed Advertising: a set monthly fee plus 5-10% of revenue. In this case, media spend is paid by client.
2. Managed Commerce: 20-60% Of revenue share p/m. In this case media spend is paid by R17 Ventures AG.
3. Joint Venture: a set monthly fee plus. In this case, R17 invests capital vs. minority equity stake.


We're an award-winning digital performance agency with a track-record for delivering outstanding results for our clients.

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