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Home & Art Digital Performance Marketing Agency

Ensure your house is in order with digital performance marketing tactics & growth-hacking frameworks that deliver customer acquisition & loyalty on scale, promising a meaningful ROI.



Success in digital advertising for the home, decor, and art industry relies on key strategies. Maintaining a consistent, high-quality blog educates and nurtures potential customers, fostering trust.

As a leading digital performance marketing agency that has successfully helped numerous brands in this vertical grow and scale, we understand the market and have frameworks & blueprints to deliver success.

Leveraging search engine advertising / PPC is a great way to capture demand, finding consumers who have intent to purchase a product you are selling; meanwhile social media advertising offers an opportunity to create and recapture demand through collection ads on Instagram and Facebook effectively showcases products, while rich pins on Pinterest serve as a crucial performance channel for furniture.

Integrating video content provides a personalized view of products. Finally, a comprehensive remarketing strategy across all platforms ensures a persistent and impactful brand presence, maximizing engagement and conversions.

These elements collectively form the foundation for successful digital advertising in this dynamic industry.

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We have in-depth knowledge about what is required on a category level (Budgetary input, selling angle, nurturing activities) to allow you to reach your revenue goals and return on investment. Our strategy takes your entire product mix into account to get you the most out.


We understand that no one buys a new bed spontaneously. More expensive goods have a longer decision cycle. We structure our acquisition campaigns towards maximum data collection in order to cost effectively retarget and nurture those individuals until purchase.


The visual aspect for home and living is the most important factor to consider and content should always serve a purpose. We serve this need in two ways: (1) we have an expert content team who can create beautiful assets that suit your brand, (2) we have an expert performance marketing team who can provide data-first learnings about what kind of content works best to increase your bottom line.


Understanding that art and luxury goods are only as valuable as their perceived reputational value, our in-house digital creative production team are experts at creating visual strategies and optimal creative assets for co-marketing (utilizing big brands to benefit your products), where other big names are leveraged in order to get your products purchased.


The pricing of art is rarely transparent due to being disconnected to the cost of raw-materials and competition. We take a very hands on approach to your business to ensure dynamic pricing systems to optimize margins


If your products are available in hundreds of other e-commerce stores it is crucial to have the best possible shopping feed. We understand how to set up and optimize product feeds to maximize revenue.


Online advertising is permeated with volume goals, which is in opposition to what art & luxury brands stand for. The goal is to maximize revenue while maintaining exclusivity. We use advanced e-commerce tactics to ensure that both goals are met.


Home & Art Digital Performance Marketing
Home & Art Digital Performance Marketing
Home & Art Digital Performance Marketing
Home & Art Digital Performance Marketing
Home & Art Digital Performance Marketing
Home & Art Digital Performance Marketing
Home & Art Digital Performance Marketing
Home & Art Digital Performance Marketing
Home & Art Digital Performance Marketing
Home & Art Digital Performance Marketing
Home & Art Digital Performance Marketing
Home & Art Digital Performance Marketing
Home & Art Digital Performance Marketing
Home & Art Digital Performance Marketing


65% of our clients doubled their revenue in the first 6 months with R17 Ventures.
But don’t hear it from us; hear it from them.

Renata Anselmo | E-Commerce GmbH | R17 Ventures AG | Performance Marketing Agency
Renata AnselmoCEO, E-Commerce GmbH
“R17 helped us to quickly and efficiently migrate our online shop from WooCommerce to Shopify in a more complex environment. Furthermore, we like their sales-driven approach to performance marketing."
Joël Wyss | Plakativ.Store GmbH | R17 Ventures AG | Performance Marketing Agency
Joël WyssCEO, Plakativ.Store GmbH
“Friendly, efficient, effective. R17 impresses not only with its professionalism in all aspects of successful performance marketing, but also with its likeability and goal-oriented pragmatism in its daily collaboration."
Michael Janzik | SWISSpur Schlafkomfort AG | R17 Ventures AG | Performance Marketing Agency
Michael JanzikCEO, SWISSpur Schlafkomfort AG
Doubled sales with the same budget
“Before R17, I was only running ads on Google. Since they took over, we are omnipresent on social media as well and have been able to increase our online-sales exponentially."
Thomas Harder | Founder & Ex-CEO, Lichterketten Shop AG | R17 Ventures AG
Thomas HarderFounder & Ex-CEO, Lichterketten Shop AG
"The team at R17 has helped me transform my company from "side-hustle" to a real business. I appreciate their entrepreneurial understanding and their in-depth knowledge of performance marketing."



We're an award-winning digital performance agency with a track-record for delivering outstanding results for our clients.

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