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Success Stories

It's no accident that we've been named the #1 digital performance marketing agency... our results speak for themselves.



65% of our clients doubled their revenue in the first 6 months with R17 Ventures.
But don’t hear it from us; hear it from them.

Yann Duponchel | Pÿur | R17 Ventures AG | Performance Marketing Agency
Yann DuponchelE-Commerce Director, Pÿur

50% more sales in first year
"The company we were working with previously told us that it would be impossible to grow our business. Since we started working with R17 Ventures AG, our business has grown by 50%."

Michael Ripamonti | Residence Watches | R17 Ventures AG | Performance Marketing Agency
Michael RipamontiMarketing Manager, Residence Watches
"They do not only talk; they deliver. In today's business world, you can be thankful when you meet competent and straightforward people/partners. Here I can give a 10/10."
Thomas Gabele | SG Spedition AG | R17 Ventures AG | Performance Marketing Agency
Thomas GabeleHead of Marketing & IT, SG Spedition AG
"They have a straightforward and professional approach with fast and high-quality delivery."
640f36449ac2aeec34b223b0_Mathias Peter Niederhauser
Mathias Peter NiederhauserHead of Growth, Petiole Asset Management AG
300-400% increase in leads
"R17's understanding of the complexities of private markets really sets them apart from other agencies, not to mention the results that they achieve. Their CEO, Raphael Rohner, has led a personal touch on the project, offering a hands-on, can-do approach. We’re excited for what’s ahead."
64e33de8806b2a29c39f1d49_Hans-Günther Bonk
Hans-Günther BonkBoard Member, Assenagon Asset Management SA
100% increase in B2B leads
"R17 has proven themselves as an asset to our team. Their experience in performance marketing and understanding of the financial services industry, as well as their willingness to go above and beyond, has been standout to the success of our partnership. We look forward to continued success as they continue to drive performance."
62c6695e1c97ea0d3f3cb5f6_Thomas Harder
Thomas HarderFounder & Ex-CEO, Lichterketten Shop AG
From 50 to 1'500 orders per month
"The team at R17 has helped me transform my company from "side-hustle" to a real business. I appreciate their entrepreneurial understanding and their in-depth knowledge of performance marketing."
PC Viljoen | Distributor (SA), Kapten & Son | R17 Ventures AG-Nov-27-2023-11-56-51-2243-AM
PC ViljoenDistributor (SA), Kapten & Son
100%+ increase in revenue growth
“We are grateful to the team for all their hard work and dedication. Over the span of 2 years, we have seen our revenue increase by 100% and look forward to what the future holds in our partnership with R17 Ventures.”
Thomas Grünvogel | SoFlow AG | R17 Ventures AG | Performance Marketing Agency
Thomas GrünvogelChief Marketing Officer, SoFlow AG
1 year of sales in 6 months
“Since partnering with R17 Ventures, we have been able to substantially grow our e-commerce unit and expand to multiple countries while acquiring new customers at a profitable ROAS."
Michael Janzik | SWISSpur Schlafkomfort AG | R17 Ventures AG | Performance Marketing Agency
Michael JanzikCEO, SWISSpur Schlafkomfort AG
Doubled sales with the same budget
“Before R17, I was only running ads on Google. Since they took over, we are omnipresent on social media as well and have been able to increase our online-sales exponentially."
Sebastian Gomoll | Kybun AG | R17 Ventures AG | Performance Marketing Agency
Sebastian GomollHead of E-Commerce, Kybun AG
Sales doubled in 12 months
“Together with R17, we doubled the sales of our subsidiary in the USA, Kybun LLC, compared to the previous year. Additionally, R17 successfully took over performance marketing for our Europe and Asia regions. We appreciate the speed, the quality, and the great know-how in the area of e-commerce and performance marketing.”
Sara Leuthold | Turm Kaffee E-Commerce AG | R17 Ventures AG | Performance Marketing Agency
Sara LeutholdCEO, Turm Kaffee E-Commerce AG
150% more sales in first year
“Since R17 Ventures took over our Performance Marketing, we have been able to grow our business by 150% in the first year in the Swiss market. Subsequently, we have ventured into Germany with R17 and are finding success there as well. Additionally, R17 manages our B2B digital lead engine and e-commerce performance marketing.”
Emanuel Müller | Secondhandbags AG | R17 Ventures AG | Performance Marketing Agency
Emanuel MüllerEx-CEO, Secondhandbags AG
400% year-to-year growth
“In partnership with R17 Ventures, we founded the joint venture company Secondhandbags AG. The team at R17 took over performance marketing, content creation, and Shopify development. Within the first year, we were able to increase sales by 400%. We really appreciate how entrepreneurial R17 is.”
Joël Wyss | Plakativ.Store GmbH | R17 Ventures AG | Performance Marketing Agency
Joël WyssCEO, Plakativ.Store GmbH
“Friendly, efficient, effective. R17 impresses not only with its professionalism in all aspects of successful performance marketing, but also with its likeability and goal-oriented pragmatism in its daily collaboration."
Philippe Fotsch | Twifi & Travel WiFi | R17 Ventures AG | Performance Marketing Agency
Philippe FotschCEO, Twifi & Travel WiFi
“We highly recommend R17 in all aspects. We entrusted all of our paid media to R17, enabling us to scale our two brands efficiently and quickly. They took over creative production, optimized our stores, and synchronized these efforts with our Google and Facebook campaigns. We plan to rely on R17 for our upcoming projects.”
Marion Klein | Pack Easy AG | R17 Ventures AG | Performance Marketing Agency
Marion KleinCEO, Pack Easy AG

“The collaboration with the R17 team is efficient, creative, and full of passion. In a short period, we have already achieved very positive results. We are delighted to have developed and successfully launched numerous projects with Raphael and his team. A big thank you to everyone involved.”

Stefan Korsen | Snapchat | R17 Ventures AG | Performance Marketing Agency
Stefan KorsenAccount Executive, Snapchat
“For nearly one year now, I’ve been working with Raphael Rohner on several R17 Ventures projects, serving as an Account Executive at Snapchat. Raphael and his team are true professionals in their field, adept at developing and massively scaling D2C brands. They've got it all, from business planning to operations, marketing expertise, and much more.”
Fabio Mätzler | Cohaga AG | R17 Ventures AG | Performance Marketing Agency
Fabio MätzlerCEO, Cohaga AG
Cooperation is very pleasant
“We have experienced an increased output of leads and additional requests for offers via LinkedIn and our company website."
Alex Ferguson-Korstanje | Creative Marketing Associate, Ninety One Asset Management | R17 Ventures AG
Alex Ferguson-KorstanjeCreative Marketing Associate, Ninety One Asset Management
“Working with R17 has been a refreshing experience. From the start there has been energy and proactive performance marketing. I would highly recommend them. They're accountable, they're on it, detail oriented and the turnaround on a lot of the requests that we had was great, which is important in an agile world.”
Adrian Steiner | Das Zelt AG | R17 Ventures AG | Performance Marketing Agency
Adrian SteinerCEO, Das Zelt AG
Substantial growth in B2C and B2B
“R17 Ventures has been managing all our digital performance marketing activities for two years, continuing to do so effectively. We've achieved substantial growth in our B2C ticket sales and in our B2B lead generation."
Licio Greco | Day Shoes AG | R17 Ventures AG | Performance Marketing Agency
Licio GrecoCEO, Day Shoes AG
“Day Shoes' partnership with R17 has yielded remarkable results. Within the first year, our sales increased significantly, primarily due to R17's effective management of Google and Meta advertisements."
Renata Anselmo | E-Commerce GmbH | R17 Ventures AG | Performance Marketing Agency
Renata AnselmoCEO, E-Commerce GmbH
“R17 helped us to quickly and efficiently migrate our online shop from WooCommerce to Shopify in a more complex environment. Furthermore, we like their sales-driven approach to performance marketing."


We're an award-winning digital performance agency with a track-record for delivering outstanding results for our clients.

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