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Food & Pet Digital Performance Marketing Agency

Grow your marketshare in FMCG or pet care, increase your revenue and establish your place as an industry leader with the #1 ranked digital performance marketing agency and online advertising campaigns that deliver customer acquisition & retention.



When it comes to delivering successful results for food and beverage products in the FMCG industry, or pet care products, we understand three core things:
1. the importance of increasing AOV in e-commerce
2. the importance of moving product quickly
3. (for brands in brick & mortar) how to convert online traffic into physical sales

R17 Ventures is an award-winning digital performance marketing agency - with a track-record for delivering success across multiple verticals, including food and pet care, globally.

With a specialization in growing and scaling brands through online advertising, we help FMCG businesses and pet care brands gain marketshare and increase revenue through our demand generation approach to acquisition and various retention strategies.

Using paid social (ads on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc) and search engine advertising / PPC (ads on Google & its network - i.e. YouTube, as well as Bing, Baidu, etc) - along with email marketing - we help food & pet brands achieve their revenue targets

In addition, we leverage our in-house creative production studio to help our clients gain competitive edge - and also have an in-house influencer marketing department to help your brand reach broader, or more niche, audiences.

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Food E-Commerce usually suffers from low AOVs. We utilize our extensive know-how of digital strategies on how to increase AOV and therefore make the first purchase more profitable.


The B2C volume game can be expensive, so we work to ensure that other channels are in place to increase your profitability. One such stream is larger B2B deals to improve your bottom line and help your brand make its mark.


Turm Kaffee - FMCG Digital Performance Marketing
Ellyfit - FMCG Digital Performance Marketing
The Other Walk - Pet Care Digital Performance Marketing
Turm Kaffee - FMCG Digital Performance Marketing
Ellyfit - FMCG Digital Performance Marketing
the Other Walk - Pet Care Digital Performance Marketing


65% of our clients doubled their revenue in the first 6 months with R17 Ventures.
But don’t hear it from us; hear it from them.

Sara Leuthold | Turm Kaffee E-Commerce AG | R17 Ventures AG | Performance Marketing Agency
Sara LeutholdCEO, Turm Kaffee E-Commerce AG
150% more sales in first year
“Since R17 Ventures took over our Performance Marketing, we have been able to grow our business by 150% in the first year in the Swiss market. Subsequently, we have ventured into Germany with R17 and are finding success there as well. Additionally, R17 manages our B2B digital lead engine and e-commerce performance marketing.”



We're an award-winning digital performance agency with a track-record for delivering outstanding results for our clients.

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