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Meet our dynamic team at R17 Ventures - responsible for the great results we continuously achieve for our clients.
Raphael Rohner CEO
Lukas Alpiger CPO
Andreas Graf CFO
Dewet Bezuidenhout General Manager
Kyra Engelbrecht Venture Strategist / Pod Lead
Lize Victor Performance Marketer / Pod Lead
Dane Saptoe Performance Marketer / Pod Lead
Tyla Rautenbach Performance Marketer / Pod Lead
Rogerio Calvario Head of Tracking & Analytics
Nonkosi Matrose Creative Lead
Chanté Brand Academy Lead
Jono Duguid Senior Business Development Manager
Ruan Pansegrouw Business Development Manager
Roland Rohner Finance Manager
Gabrielle Demblon HR & Office Coordinator
Birgit Neurohr Performance Marketer
Neil van Zyl Performance Marketer
Justina Buettner Performance Marketer & Transcreator
Markus Filter Performance Marketer
Wiaan Groenewald Performance Marketer
Grace Dewrance Performance Marketer
Gabriella Olivier Performance Marketer
Jandre Meiring Performance Marketer
Jandre Hough Performance Marketer
Jean-Pierre De Villiers Performance Marketer & Creative Strategist
Elaine Hilton Creative Strategist
Alisa Seiser Creative Strategist
Nico Marais Creative Strategist
Scott Hamman Creative Strategist
Ibongwe Mazosiwe UGC Strategist
Marley Ford UGC Strategist
Minelle van der Walt UGC Strategist
Zubair Ismail 2D/3D Designer
Thorsten Lotto E-Commerce Developer
Robyn Viljoen Venture Development Team
Shivonne Jood Venture Development Team
Jessica Cunze Venture Development Team
Martin Dudler Customer Support
Marc Degen Chairman
Dr. Burim Pavataj Board Member
Rui Negrão Marketing Consultant
Rafael Kramer Founder, Influencer Apps
Belle van Lith CEO, Secondhandbags AG
David Simon Founder & CEO, Pushdat AG
Philipp Kirschbaum Founder & CEO, Indyvit AG
Dominik Schwab CEO, Lichterketten Shop AG
Dino Reichmuth CEO, Plakativ


We're an award-winning digital performance agency with a track-record for delivering outstanding results for our clients.

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