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Building and Scaling Brands, Together

At R17 Ventures, our mission is simple yet meaningful: we build and scale brands online. This isn't just a catchy slogan. It's our guiding principle, the driving force that motivates us to strive for excellence every day.


"Our vision is to be recognized globally as the leading performance marketing agency, the one that shapes the future of digital marketing. We aspire to set industry benchmarks in delivering result-oriented strategies that not only build brands but also create lasting digital footprints. Through continued learning, innovation, and implementation of cutting-edge technology, we envision creating a dynamic and inclusive online space where brands, regardless of their size or industry, can thrive, engage, and make a difference. Above all, we strive to redefine success in digital marketing by aligning our growth with the success and satisfaction of our clients."

Scaling brands


Working at R17 Ventures AG | Performance Marketing Agency
Working at R17 Ventures AG | Performance Marketing Agency
Working at R17 Ventures AG | Performance Marketing Agency
Working at R17 Ventures AG | Performance Marketing Agency
Working at R17 Ventures AG | Performance Marketing Agency
Working at R17 Ventures AG | Performance Marketing Agency


"Our mission is to accelerate the growth of brands by leveraging the power of performance marketing. We are dedicated to constructing strategic, data-driven solutions to reach our client's goals. We tirelessly explore innovative tactics, ensure exceptional returns on investment, and take pride in our client’s success as we see it as our own. We believe in maintaining transparency, fostering relationships, and adapting to the evolving digital landscape to meet the unique needs of every brand we serve."

Mission statement
At R17 Ventures, our ambition is to be the best in the industry. To achieve this, we understand that we all need to play our part. We're hungry to learn everything there is to know about building and scaling brands. We are always eager to tackle challenges and deliver unparalleled work. We aim not only to excel in our respective roles but to set the gold standard in our industry. Our efforts are not solely for individual accolades but for the collective success of our clients and our company.


Our values serve as a compass that informs our decision-making, molds our strategic direction, and fuels our actions, steadfastly guiding us toward achieving our clients' success.


Our foundation is steadfastly built on the relentless pursuit of creatively solving complex problems. We look beyond the surface symptoms to find comprehensive, long-lasting, and effective solutions.


Our clients are the central focus of all our endeavors, striving to surpass their expectations with exceptional service and results - guided by a comprehensive understanding of their business and future goals.


We don't hide behind platform optimization. We hold ourselves accountable for our decisions and actions, and communicate openly and honestly with our clients. We believe in doing what's right, even when no one is watching.


We find joy in the challenges we encounter. Viewing each obstacle as a chance to learn, develop, and innovate, we tackle them with enthusiasm and positivity.

This optimistic perseverance is the catalyst for our continuous improvement and success.


Every team member is committed to excelling in their respective roles. We invest and are dedicated to continuous learning and enhancement to consistently deliver work of the highest quality.


Complaining is not our style. Instead,  we take the initiative to make changes. Everyone's voice matters, and we believe in the power of collective suggestions and adjustments. Proactive action is valued over passive dissatisfaction.


We understand that our impact on our clients' success is mutually beneficial. We celebrate victories as a team and foster a culture where collaboration and collective intelligence are valued.


We're driven to be the world's best in performance marketing, and we deeply believe in the saying, “Our clients' win is our win.”

Robyn Viljoen | R17 Ventures AG | Performance Marketing Agency
Robyn ViljoenVenture Development Team
"I'm proud to work at R17 where our client-first approach lets me build lasting partnerships and see the direct impact of our work on their success."
Tyla Rautenbach | R17 Ventures AG | Performance Marketing Agency
Tyla RautenbachPerformance Marketer
"At R17, I find joy in innovation, constantly pushing the envelope to shape the future of digital marketing, which makes every day a thrilling experience."
Kyra Engelbrecht | R17 Ventures AG | Performance Marketing Agency
Kyra EngelbrechtVenture Strategist / Pod Lead
"R17's focus on root solutions rather than quick fixes empowers me to create strategies that endure and evolve, providing true satisfaction in my leadership and problem-solving role."
Chanté Brand | R17 Ventures AG | Performance Marketing Agency
Chanté BrandAcademy Lead

“Striving to be the best of the best, R17's dedication to continuous learning and excellence aligns with my own, making my work deeply fulfilling."

Lize Victor | R17 Ventures AG | Performance Marketing Agency
Lize VictorPerformance Marketer / Pod Lead
“The passionate enthusiasm at R17 is contagious; tackling challenges is exciting and rewarding, making it a place where my contributions and leadership feel significant."
Neil van Zyl | R17 Ventures AG | Performance Marketing Agency
Neil van ZylPerformance Marketer
"R17’s commitment to transparency means I always know how my work contributes to our goals, fostering a deeply accountable and honest workplace."
Nonkosi Matrose | R17 Ventures AG | Performance Marketing Agency
Nonkosi MatroseCreative Lead
“I value R17’s proactive culture where I’m encouraged to voice ideas and drive change, reinforcing that my input and that of my team members truly matters.”
Justina Buettner | R17 Ventures AG | Performance Marketing Agency
Justina BuettnerPerformance Marketer / Pod Lead
“R17's ethos of shared success and teamwork resonates with me, where collaboration translates into personal growth and collective achievements."
Ibongwe Mazosiwe | R17 Ventures AG | Performance Marketing Agency
Ibongwe MazosiweUGC Strategist
“The alignment of R17’s values with my own drive for excellence makes every project a step towards redefining the benchmarks of digital marketing success."
Alexandra Krax | R17 Ventures AG | Performance Marketing Agency
Alexandra KraxPerformance Marketer & Transcreator
“Immersing in R17's culture of innovation and inclusivity, I thrive as a performance marketer and transcreator, where crafting resonant content that exceeds global client expectations is not just a job—it's a passion."


We're an award-winning digital performance agency with a track-record for delivering outstanding results for our clients.

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