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Jono DuguidSep 6, 2022 2:03:00 PM2 min read

5 Impactful Google Ad Extensions

Google Ad Extensions are additional assets of information you can apply to your ads to make your offering more appealing.

You can link users to pages on your site, provide useful contact information, and even make some of your reviews available to searchers through 5 incredible ad extensions. We’ve outlined 5 incredible ad extensions to maximize your visibility in search engine results whilst gaining quality leads!

1. Image Extensions:

All you need to do is display an image under an ad. You can upload square 1×1 images that are up to 5120KB attached below your ad copy. Consumer’s visual experience when browsing products and services online have become more critical in recent years. Image extensions are not only visually appealing but they also enhance the relevance of your search ad to increase engagement with your potential audience. No images? No problem! You can create image extensions using stock images.

2. Structured Snippets:

Structured snippet Google ad extensions are useful in highlighting your offerings most popular, sought after features. Featured snippets get 35.1% of all clicks, making them an ideal method to increase organic traffic. They show up right next to your ad description text and don’t look any different from the perspective of your viewer.

Firstly, need to pick a “Header” language and category. This templated text will automatically appear before your chosen structured snippet listings. Secondly, you add your specified character values to provide more information about your offering. This will provide you with direct leads and definitely set you apart from your competitors.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • you need a minimum of 3 values
  • each snippet has a 25-character limit
  • aim for less than 12 characters on mobile

3. Price Extensions: 

What’s the first thing you want to know when you’re buying a new product? The price!

Your offering will be more attractive to your potential audience when you are transparent about your prices. No one wants to DM you for prices. So, be transparent about your price offering to drive more qualified leads and maximise your budget. Transparency offers the consumer or client a better experience. 

4. Call Extensions: 

Call extensions give “just a phone call away” more meaning, thus making your audience trust you more. This type of extension works best on mobile devices because adding a cellphone or telephone number is a great way to get your potential audience to interact with you directly. Using the PPC platform’s forwarding numbers will show call information, call conversions, and valuable search data on how people are finding the phone number.  If your business operates in different locations, you can use the call extension along with location extensions to drive even more qualified traffic. 

In addition, you can turn on call recording and get recorded phone calls from ads that Google saves for 30 days.

5. Automated Google Ad extensions

If you don't have a lot of time to review and manage your PPC ads, automatic/dynamic extensions are an alternative that require minimal oversight. It is important to note that dynamic extensions cannot be edited. Google's algorithm develops them by using information from your landing page, viewed searches, historical data, and many more business settings. Click “Automated Extensions” if you want to access and adjust Google ad extensions’ system preferences.


Jono Duguid

Senior Business Development Manager - 12yrs+ Experience in Digital Marketing