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Jono DuguidAug 11, 2022 2:15:00 PM1 min read

4 New Features for Google Discovery Ads

Google have announced that they're changing things up and giving advertisers even more options with Discovery Ads, as the search engine advertising giant aims to help paid media specialists / performance marketers get ahead of the holiday season in the US.

1. Improved Ad Experiences

Google revealed that their team is working on improving the ad experience for the end-user by making ads more browsable in the Social and Promotions tabs in Gmail by including additional details and information, such as product images and prices. What's even more exciting; however, is the announcement that they will also be using machine learning to match the asset to the right audience at the right time.

2. Additional Creative Support

The onboarding flow for creating Discovery Ads has been rebuilt, with advertisers now seeing prompts to add additional aspect ratios, unique headlines, and text overlays across images. Users will also receive live feedback on ad strength, as well as an optimisation score with actionable guidance.

3. New Audience Insights

Advertisers who use Google's Discovery Ads can now use the insights page to see which audience segments may deliver the biggest impact for their SEA campaigns. In addition, advertisers can also use asset reporting to delve into and assess performance across the Discovery Ads, allowing for one to compare the performance between assets and decide which ones to turn off, switch, or edit. Advertisers can also use optimized targeting to assess information about keywords and landing pages to find audiences that can meet campaign goals.

4. Enhanced Campaign Management

There is a new audience builder that Google has also launched that allows advertisers to create and reuse audiences across campaigns. As many PPC specialists are aware, there are also tools like Google Ads Editor and API that help manage SEM campaigns at scale.


Jono Duguid

Senior Business Development Manager - 12yrs+ Experience in Digital Marketing