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Jono DuguidJan 20, 2022 2:08:00 PM2 min read

2022 Trends: SEM / Google Ads

Entering a new year can bring with it a lot of uncertainties. That's why having a world class Performance Marketing partner like R17 Ventures - with a track-record for being ahead of the trends - is so important.

Our team of Performance Marketing Specialists are constantly ahead of the curb, ensuring that we constantly deliver cutting edge paid media strategies that deliver results for our clients.

Watch Lorenzo Labia, our Head of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) at R17 Ventures offer up his predictions for what some of the biggest trends for Google Ads will be in 2022.

The landscape of Search Engine Marketing is ever evolving, as new releases, features and campaign types come into play. There are; however, 4 core trends that we believe will dominate Search Engine Marketing and PPC in 2022.

1. Audiences - and Keywords Fading

Marketing to audiences will come to the forefront, whilst keyword marketing will start fading away. Google Ads have already started recommending broader keywords and frequently make changes to match types. Audience insights to become increasingly important to marketers. Google's new Performance Max campaign type's audience signals, as well as feed based rules are signs of Google's intention to move towards an audience first realm.

2. First Party Data

Increases in privacy proxies and a move towards a cookie-less internet have increased the pressure on marketers to gather and use first party data as part of marketing efforts. First party data includes customer lists and email subscriber lists, which assist Google's machine learning in targeting the right consumer.

3. Visual Ads on the Rise

In 2021, Google introduced image extensions - adding a visuals to search. 2022 should see this exit beta. Performance Max, as well as the increase in users watching YouTube on Smart TVs, have propelled the need for marketers to be investing even more in strong visual creatives.

4. Automation and Testing

The increase in users searching by voice (and the longer phrases used in this) means that it will become even more important to trust in Google's automation to find relevant search terms. With reference to the first point above, it will also mean marketers will need to place further trust in their audience targeting more so than the exact keywords. We're also seeing automation and A.I. come more to the foreground when it comes to bidding strategies.

When it comes to testing, 2022 will be the year that sees ad concept testing becomes most prevalent - testing various concepts that align with campaign objectives. One can still test different headlines and pin certain headlines, as well as  creatives and keywords, but as automation takes more of an important role in the advertising process, the holistic approach of concept testing will overshadow other tests in 2022.

Jono Duguid

Senior Business Development Manager - 12yrs+ Experience in Digital Marketing