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Jono DuguidOct 13, 2022 2:10:00 PM1 min read

Google Search Is Changing

  1. More ways to search;
  2. Richer search results & more on-page exploration;
  3. Better Shopping experience;
  4. Better auto-translated content.

Google will expand Multisearch to 70+ new languages! Initially, this was only available for English searches in the US. With Multisearch, now users can search using a combination of text, voice and images. This cool update makes it much easier to search for specific items.

This will increase the importance of a highly optimized product feed. You just need to add as many relevant images to your feed as possible.

2. Richer search results & more on-page exploration

Google’s search engine results page will get more rich previews of information meaning MORE VISUALS.

As the SERP becomes more visual and filled with rich information previews, users may spend more time on Google without clicking anything, finding exactly what they need without clicking on additional links or ads - lowering the total amount of ad clicks/CTR. This is where image extensions come in, which make your ads stand out because users are scanning the page faster and reading less ad copy.

3. A better shopping experience

Google is investing heavily in improving the shopping experience by making it super personalized and immersive.

So, if you are running Performance Max campaigns, this particular update will be huge. How do you prepare for this? Add as much info as possible to your feed and images of your products in every angle (Google will make a 3D model).

3D models increase ad engagement by 50%!

4. Better auto-translated content

Google is improving translations and auto-translated content. There's been a massive improvement and it's already matching search queries to keywords.

To make sure you are prepared, leverage these changes for the best performance:

  1. Invest in feed optimization: Enrich your shopping feed with as much data as possible.
  2. Use new autocompleted search results for keyword ideas.
  3. Use image extensions to make text ads stand out.
  4. Check SQRs for translated query matches.

Jono Duguid

Senior Business Development Manager - 12yrs+ Experience in Digital Marketing