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Jono DuguidAug 6, 2021 2:02:00 PM9 min read

15 tips for choosing the best online marketing agency for your business

Why is it so important to find the right online marketing agency for your digital marketing?‍

Choosing an agency that suits you and understands your goals is worth its weight in gold these days. Many businesses need help defining their online marketing strategy and making sure it aligns with the overall strategy of their business. A good performance-based online marketing agency will take you away from false generic promises and help you focus on the strategy that generates the most value for your individual brand.

With mobile phones, laptops and tablets, consumers are spending more and more time online. Almost half of them are online several times a day and a quarter say they are online almost all the time.

And so the mobile revolution has created a multitude of channels for you to focus on. These include

It's often just unprofitable (and unaffordable) to invest in every single channel, leaving you with some tough decisions to make. The right agency can help you figure out where your most profitable audiences are and how to reach them effectively.


Why should you hire an online marketing agency at all?

A digital marketing agency can handle all your digital marketing campaign needs. From inbound marketing (e.g. web design, social media marketing, search engine marketing, website optimization, hyperlocal marketing and SEO) to outbound marketing (e.g. traditional marketing, Email Marketing and search engines).

In order to find the best agency for your digital marketing, you should know the X most important steps to ensure that you find the right online marketing partner.


A performance-based online marketing agency measures your results and focuses on actual results

Knowing what you want to achieve is only part of the story. The success of your online business depends on tracking and measuring the right parameters. By using the latest performance tracking and monitoring tools and technologies, you get reliable metrics that you can use to piece together all the pieces of your online marketing strategy.


15 tips for choosing the best online marketing agency for your business

Some agencies specialize only in a specific area or market segment, while others offer a broader perspective. A holistic approach enables you to find several services under one roof and lets your brand strategy appear as if it were made of one piece: from the website or online shop creation to brand design and your advertisements.


1. The network of your online marketing agency is crucial

A good online marketing agency will have a broad network that can help you enter new markets and will bring a deeper understanding of how mobile performance channels behave. Performance marketing agencies often have a large data pool and influential contacts with the most important advertising platforms such as Facebook and Google.

2. Scaling options in every company phase

Knowing what you want to achieve is only part of the story. The success of your online business depends on tracking and measuring the right parameters. By using the latest performance tracking and monitoring tools and technologies, you get reliable metrics that you can use to piece together all the pieces of your online marketing strategy.

3. Experience with your niche and in mobile e-commerce

The internet is fast-moving and nowadays almost everything happens on mobile devices. From shopping to product and brand discovery. Your competition never sleeps either and tries to keep up with the latest trends and developments in the online world. To win the race, you must engage in a trial-and-error approach to discovering the most successful campaigns for your individual business.

4. Talent pool: A good online marketing agency takes care of the creative conception of your brand

Choose an agency that works with talented in-house or freelance professionals to support the performance and creative aspects of your campaign. Creative assets are a key factor for your performance. Their quality is crucial for the success of a campaign. It's important that the agency you work with offers a creative edge in copywriting and design skills.

5. The right time to choose an agency

Timing is everything - also when choosing an online marketing agency for your individual business. Here are a few key factors:
Startups: If you are brand new to the world of paid advertising and want to take your first steps with Google and social media campaigns, you need to work with an agency that fits your needs. Getting it right from the start can save you a lot of mistakes and valuable resources.
Established companies: Do you already have an advertising strategy but you are not completely satisfied with the results? Maybe you even have your own in-house marketing team. Still, to double check your results, it's worth working with agencies to give you a clear benchmark for your internal team and, best of all, just confirmation that they're on the right track.
Large companies who want to open up new markets or channels: Are you about to tackle a new project? Then it can often be difficult to find the right professionals for your project. Especially when there is no clear information about the budget and the sustainability of a task. A leading agency can offer strong expertise in that specific niche.

6. Hyperlocal Marketing

While traditional media can reach a mass audience, with a good digital agency you can do hyper-local marketing by targeting the exact customer profile for your product or service. You reach exactly the right customers at the right time in the right place. This leads to lower overall costs and less wastage.

7. Quickly customize and change

Online marketing agencies that are able to quickly prepare a campaign that reflects the latest market trends such as In-Stream Video Advertising and TikTok Ads can target your niche's specific audiences much better than traditional online marketing agencies that focus on traditional ads.

8. Streamlined tracking of your ROI

Unlike other media, you can directly track how consumers behave online and measure conversions. With the help of a performance-based online marketing agency, you can improve your ROI and optimize your campaigns accordingly. Machine learning can be used to automate the testing process. This allows you to determine which approaches consistently deliver the best results.
Google has already changed its algorithms about 600 times. Not to mention Facebook, Instagram & Co. Anyone with the latest trends in digital marketing if you want to keep up, you have to work hard to keep up with the almost daily innovations in social media marketing or search engine advertising in addition to your core business. And not only that - the changes must also be implemented appropriately. Outsourcing this task to a performance-based online marketing agency takes a huge responsibility off your shoulders and lets you focus on other important aspects of your business that you know more about.

10. The right online marketing agency for your budget

When setting your marketing budget, you need to consider three things: what you can spend, what kind of ROI is acceptable, and what goals you want to achieve. Check your overall budget and decide what you can spend. A start-up company has different needs than a giant corporation. Look for an agency that has the necessary experience in your business phase. This ensures that your campaign budget is used optimally.

11. Know your goals

Are you aiming for online sales, offline sales, clicks to your website or landing page, increased brand awareness, or something else? Not only do you need to set the end goal, but you also need to think about the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) you want to use to gauge the success of your advertising efforts. The clearer your goals are, the better an agency can deliver specific solutions. Are you unsure which goals to pursue for your marketing strategy? Then a good online marketing agency can help you determine them with you.

12. How do you imagine working with the online marketing agency?

Do you want a digital marketing agency to be an extension of your own marketing team? Or would you like to leave the work completely to a third party who takes care of everything so that you can concentrate on your core business? How much time can you and your team carve out to work with an agency?
Do you prefer to work with a large agency that can offer a wide range of services? Or with a niche agency that specializes in a certain type of marketing with in-depth expertise?
Each of these approaches has its advantages and disadvantages. Think in advance about how you imagine the cooperation. Ultimately, it comes down to how you want to shape the relationship and what makes the most sense to you.

13. Check the qualifications of the employees

Before hiring an employee, check their references. And that's exactly what you should do with every online marketing agency that comes into question for you. Ask to see case studies and get recommendations from current and past clients. Consider contacting clients to see if the agency is delivering on their promises.
Often you will also find the qualifications of the individual team members on the website of the respective agency. If you want to focus heavily on Google Ads or social media marketing, you should choose an agency whose employees are familiar with this area. If you want to focus more on search engine optimization, we recommend an agency with specialists in the field of search engine optimization (SEO).

14. Social Skills: Are you on the same wavelength?

You want people on your marketing team who love their work and take it personally. The combination of professionalism, experience and passion can lead to a powerful relationship between your company and the online marketing agency. A good relationship ensures optimal achievement of goals and is the basis for a long-lasting success story.

15. Transparency in all areas

Digital marketing prices can vary widely depending on the products and services used and how they are used. You need a clear explanation of what you're getting, what the agency is doing, and what you're paying for each item.
The use of a performance-based online marketing agency is recommended here, because with this model, the remuneration depends entirely on the service provided instead of fixed standard rates.

CONCLUSION: Choosing the right online marketing agency for your individual business is crucial to your success

At R17 Ventures, we have clearly specialized in performance marketing and can therefore offer you plannable and profitable growth without paying for poor results. We have all the tools and experience to implement your digital marketing strategy, including inbound marketing and outbound marketing.

Our team is young, our DNA is digital and we are experts in the areas of content marketing, performance marketing and usability.

Contact us today to have the potential of your individual company demonstrated and receive a free analysis of your previous advertising accounts.


Jono Duguid

Senior Business Development Manager - 12yrs+ Experience in Digital Marketing