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Jono DuguidJul 29, 2021 1:48:00 PM6 min read

Pinterest Ads are adding new Pin Insights to provide more insight into how your ads are performing

Pinterest Ads continues to expand its insight tools and adds two new metrics for Pinterest Premiere and Idea Pins - Pinterest's version of the "Stories" known from other social networks.‍

The popularity of social short clip platform TikTok has also forced the rest of the social media channels to focus on video content and short clips like those found on Instagram and Facebook Stories. Around Video Content and Stories no advertiser can get around anymore.

And so, over the past year, Pinterest has developed its own Stories-like option, which it rebranded as "Idea Pins" in May. The format allows pinners to assemble sequences of short video clips that users can then tap through. Each clip can be up to 60 seconds long and can be found via a top row of profile bubbles in the Pinterest app. Just like Stories.

Back in March, Pinterest Ads announced new ad tools that give advertisers better insight into their campaign performance and improve their ability to reach the right audience. Here we present the latest insight metrics.

New metrics for Pinterest Ads in Idea Pins and Pinterest Premiere

Adds to the regular pin metrics (impressions, pin clicks and saves). Pinterest Ads now also added "Follows" and "Profile Visits" specifically for Idea Pins to get more insights into the actual contribution of your Idea Pins to the overall performance of the platform.

These add to the metrics for Pinterest Ads new video ad option called Pinterest Premiere, which allows advertisers to purchase exclusive video placement in the home feed for a specified period of time, matched to

- a specific target group

- a specific interest

- a specific category

Pinterest Ads has also updated its interactive trends tool, which now offers more detailed insights into engagement behavior on the platform. The format allows you more context and visual examples to better highlight relevant changes.

This allows you to get an overview of broader usage trends and shifts - like the fact that usage among Gen Z and male pinners has increased by 40% in the last year. The growing interest from these demographics underscores the growing use of Pins and could spark the interest of even more brands to consider the Pinterest app for their planning.

Finally, Pinterest is rolling out its Conversion Insights more broadly, allowing advertisers to look at both promoted and organic pin metrics in a single report. The updated insight format digs deeper into downstream conversions and better highlights cross-channel impact.

The new tools allow you to do better audience research and broader reach, which could open up a number of new opportunities for your advertising. Pinterest Ads also announced that it is working on improved shopping experiences, better catalog management options and new automated bidding and budgeting solutions.


Pinterest's algorithm also loves video content

Video content has seen a big boost among pinners in 2020 due to lockdown, with the platform now powering nearly one billion video views daily. Additionally, Pinterest users are 2.6x more likely to make a purchase after viewing branded video content on the platform.

In fact, videos are now the most compelling type of content across all social platforms. With this in mind, Pinterest is putting more focus on video content with its algorithm, getting better and better at recommending relevant content to each user.

Pinterest Premiere gives you the ability to target video ads to a specific audience or category (combining demographics and interests). These packages help you achieve greater reach and scale for

- launches

- brand events

- ongoing campaigns

This option sounds a bit like Twitter's "First View" ad option, which ensures that your video ad is the first your audience sees that day. This can be associated with a high price, but ensures optimal reach for the desired target group.

That’s why you should use Idea Pins for Pinterest Ads in your social media marketing strategy

This new feature enables anyone with a business account to create inspirational content and better engage with the 478 million+ Pinners, building more engaged communities right on Pinterest Ads.

Idea Pins make it easy for your business to publish quality, long-lasting, and storable content. In fact, since January, the number of Idea Pins created each day has almost quadrupled.

Creating Idea Pins includes:

- Video recording and editing for up to 20 consecutive clips

- Voiceover Recording: Creators can add their own voice

- Music selection by Epidemic Sound

- Ghost mode transition tools (perfect for before and after pictures)

- Detail pages for product information

- Interactive elements like people tagging and stickers

- Save multiple drafts to publish content variations

- Export Options to share content beyond Pinterest

- Topic tagging to connect your content to relevant interests

As mentioned above, Pinterest renamed its Stories clone from «Story Pins» to «Idea Pins». Because if you take it exactly, the concept differs from that of the other platforms. While the format of Idea Pins is similar to other Stories options, with their full-screen, swipeable feed of Story Frames. But the difference to other platforms is that Idea Pins are permanent ideas instead of sharing fleeting stories: Idea Pins stay on user profiles instead of disappearing after 24 hours.

They can be saved to boards and are retrievable. They'll also appear in the home feed, search results, and Today tab, and benefit from visual discovery that matches them with users with relevant interests and likes. Pinners can also respond to the Idea Pins with a range of positive reactions such as "Great Idea", "Love", "Wow" and "Thanks" to provide feedback to the creators.

In addition, Pinterest also added a "ghost mode" that allows you to overlay the previous frame on the composer to control the transitions in your video. Idea Pins also have "detail pages" where creators can add additional notes or explanations - such as: B. Product information or recipe details.

As for the discovery feature, you can add topic tags to increase the visibility of your Idea Pins. This is how they are shown to users who have shown an interest in similar concepts (based on tags and related followers). Users are also able to export Idea Pins and thus share them on other platforms.

Idea Pins therefore offer your e-commerce business some interesting possibilities that are definitely worth a look.

CONCLUSION: The new Pin Insights offer you more detailed insights into the performance of your ads and promote video content through Idea Pins

The newly designed analytics dashboard gives you a detailed overview of the performance of your advertising content. The tools allow you to maximize engagement based on specific statistics. Because they focus on expanding product discovery and refining e-commerce tools. In addition, Pinterest Ads has added a number of other insights over the past year, including conversion insights, monthly views, and improved pin trends.

Stories and short video content have become a meaningful format, and now almost as important as the news feed. Not only are video Pins more popular, but they're also favored by Pinterest's algorithm, which is a key note for marketers looking to get the most out of the platform.

With 478 million active users and counting, Pinterest is at the forefront of the new eCommerce wave and could become a key destination for more and more brands. This growth has been fueled by the COVID-19 lockdown and in some ways has made Pinterest a replacement for shopping malls. About 90% of active Pinners use the platform to plan or make purchases. The Pinterest app therefore has a far higher purchase intention than other social networks.

So while it's still too early to say how effective Idea Pins can be in your Pin strategy and how much traffic they bring to brands overall. But especially in the introductory phase, it is worthwhile for e-commerce companies to experiment with Idea Pins. Because in the past, Pinterest has weighted its algorithm to increase the visibility and reach for certain types of posts.

Observing the Idea Pins of other brands in your industry might inspire you to take your own approach or give you new ideas that you haven't previously considered. If you don't have the time yourself and would rather focus on your core business, we would be happy to take care of your social media advertising and show you the best way to integrate Pinterest advertising into your marketing strategy.


Jono Duguid

Senior Business Development Manager - 12yrs+ Experience in Digital Marketing